The internet today has seen a mass of activity, mostly around the areas of the web occupied by trend following hipsters.

Whilst many saw the death of US Author Harper Lee as a tragedy, others tightened their man buns and prepared themselves. Many bookshops have reported a ‘dramatic’ increase in the amount of tea flask carrying, expensive denim wearing individuals purchasing copies of the author’s book.

One source working in a bookstore, stated she was ‘sick of being lectured about the environment and CO2 emissions by teenagers.’

These reports are furthered by the alarming amount of hipster blogs suddenly sporting ‘RIP Harper Lee Collins, he inspired us all’ as well as pictures of twelve different herbal teas next to copies of To Kill a Mockingbird.

So as the world expresses it’s sorrow at the loss of such an amazing author, coffee shops everywhere are preparing for the onslaught of book carrying fashion monkeys, and their sudden interest in this ‘racism issue’.

We would have directly contacted certain hipsters for comment, but word got out that we were writing about this article and our inbox is currently completely full of offers of interviews and herbal tea reviews.