In a poll last night, the county of Yorkshire – also known as “God’s Own County” to its flatcap wearing inhabitants – was voted by people already living there as “the best place to live in the country”.

The shocking result means the County beats Headingly (home of Yorkshire County Cricket) and the North Marine Road Ground (another home of Yorkshire County Cricket) into 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

Yorkshire is best known as the setting of such seminal TV shows as Emmerdale and Last of the Summer Wine, its penchant for whippets and for being the land time forgot after 1974.

But while yesterday’s result threatens to put Yorkshire on a map written this century, some people suspect bias in the polling, as it was understood the survey was only open to residents – and who had already expressed at least one pro-Northern sentiment.

To filter out the non-eligible, people were asked to summarise the life and times of cricket umpire, Dickie Bird – a man whose legendary status would be baffling to anybody but County residents.

With this selective process, a landslide victory was announced on BBC Look North (translated from English) and has already sparked a plaque to be erected in every depressing Yorkshire town to go alongside the County’s official slogan – “Ee Bah Gum”

This is just the kind of result we need to show people that not only is Yorkshire a beautiful place to live, but is also at the front of modern life and culture“, Barry Sheerman, MP for Huddersfield, told us via fax machine.