Mark Zuckerberg has responded to an outreaching Kanye West by offering him one billion dollars worth of Facebook stock ‘to do anything other than Kanye stuff’.

Zuckerberg is said to be a huge fan of Kanye West’s music, but when the musician was trying to tap him up for $1 billion dollars on social media for ‘Kanye stuff’ the tech start up billionaire decided enough was enough.

He announced his intention in a Facebook press statement and on twitter:

‘I will give Kanye West one billion dollars if he promises to go back to making good hip hop and stop all this other stuff’

‘The fashion stuff, the business ventures, it’s all crap Kanye, you’re over-reaching mate. Go back to making music and i’ll give you enough money to last a lifetime. Also, stop DMing me on twitter, its super annoying.’

Kanye West is yet to release a statement in reply, but it is thought that when he does, it will be in the form of a very long t-shirt with lots of holes in.

Reports that Kanye is $53 million in debt because he spent all his money on rare aquatic fish are said to be unsubstantiated.